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RTD: How Does Your Paycheck Compare?


For RTD execs, the road is paved in gold

June 25, 2010

By John Schroyer, Face The State

The executives at the Regional Transportation District must love the song “Easy Rider.” After all, they cruise happily from paycheck to paycheck, with the top 20 employees at RTD earning a cumulative $2.9 million. They could each probably buy their own buses, to shuttle their entire extended families to Cherry Creek Reservoir and home.

At the top of the list is RTD’s General Manager, Phillip Washington, who pulls down $275,000 a year. That’s twice what many of the other six-digit earners make, and $100,000 more than the next highest-paid employee, Assistant General Manager Richard Clarke. He gets a mere $174,739 a year.

Here’s the breakdown of the top 20 salaried employees at RTD:

Phillip Washington, General Manager $275,000
Richard Clarke, Assistant General Manager, Capital Programs $174,739
Marla Lien, General Counsel $173,463
Bruce Abel, Assistant General Manager, Bus Operations $170,000
Delbreath Durelle Walker, Deputy Assistant GM, Capital Programs $160,000
Scott Reed, Assistant General Manager, Communications $159,369
John Shonsey, Chief Engineer $155,400
Terry Howerter, Chief Financial Officer $153,038
David Genova, Assistant General Manager, Safety, Security and Facilities $144,760
Carla Perez, Assistant General Manager, Administration $140,000
Calvin Shankster, Assistant General Manager, Rail Operations $140,000
William Van Meter, Assistant General Manager, Planning $140,000
Michael Gil, Deptuy Asisstant General Manager, $132,500

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