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Crestview Water & Sanitation Short on Funds, Approve Bonuses

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Twas the year of taking and giving…   taking from those that are struggling to get by in order to give to those who need it more.  While most Adams County residents are tightening their belts just to get by, our local government officials are being awarded bonuses for being over budget. 

Crestview Water and Sanitation Board of Directors, recognizing that their employees have worked “especially hard this year”, voted to approve an incentive award of 10 percent in December 2010. 

This, after determining earlier that same meeting that present revenues are not adequate to provide for the financial needs of the District, and an increase in revenue can only be accomplished by increasing rates for water.

Is anyone seeing a pattern in Adams County yet?  New Cars for Commissioners? Expensive furniture contracts awarded without bid?  Paving contracts awarded without bids; work paid for that was not completed?

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