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Citizens Group calls for full audit of Adams County Economic Development Council (ACED)



 Monday, April 09, 2012


 Concerned Citizens for Compatible Development (CCCD) Requests full, independent audit of Adams County Economic Development (ACED)

 ADAMS COUNTY- Concerned Citizens for Compatible Development (CCCD), a grassroots coalition of neighborhood groups, business owners, and property rights advocates, has concerns regarding the appropriate use of Adams County taxpayer dollars by Adams County Economic Development (ACED).

 CCCD sent notice to Adams County Commissioners, as well as all Colorado State legislatures whose district includes Adams County, on Wednesday, April 4th, 2012, requesting their support of an independent audit of ACED, making all findings public.

 CCCD recognizes the efforts of Adams County Commissioners in “Opening Adams” to the residents, voters, and taxpayers of Adams County; the Commissioners have taken great strides to improve the image of Adams County the last 2 years.  CCCD members appreciate that greatly.

 CCCD recognizes there is still much to be done to reinstate confidence among the voters and taxpayers of Adams County. Though we realize there are many areas and branches of the Adams County Government that must all be brought up to speed in the issue of transparency, there is one organization in particular that we feel should immediately follow suit with the Adams County Government in opening itself to the public. That organization is Adams County Economic Development (ACED).

 Concerned Citizens for Compatible Development (CCCD) has found that:

  • ACED receives a sizeable contribution from the taxpayers of Adams County
    • Adams County budgeted over $576,000 for ACED in 2011
  • The Adams County Government, on behalf of the Adams County Taxpayers, appears to have footed the bill for well over half of ACED’s entire budget the last several years (and probably more so in earlier years).
    • Adams County taxpayers have most likely been funding the largest portion of ACED’s assets since its inception.
  • ACED CEO’s appear to have been paid well in excess of $210,000 in 2010 & 2009, totaling approximately half or more of the sum amount given to ACED by Adams County Government (i.e., taxpayers).
    • In 2010, then ACED CEO William Becker, appears to have received compensation in excess of $220,000.
    • In 2009, then ACED CEO William Becker, appears to have received compensation in excess of $210,000 while Sandra Steiner, then V.P., appears to have received compensation in excess of $150,000, totaling well over $360,000 for just 2 individuals.
    • Records for 2011 are not yet available.
    • Records for years prior to 2009 have not yet been reviewed.
  • ACED shares resources with the Adams County Government
    • CCCD questions if the cost to house ACED in the County building is in addition to the sum amount of taxpayer money recorded as the “base” cost.
  • ACED appears to serve as powerful LOBBYING tool for those who want their projects endorsed and/or approved by County Staff and/or elected Officials, especially when one considers that the Adams County Commissioners serve on the Board of ACED, and have been or are Executive Committee Members.
    • This appears to give investors and/or donors (ie those who want their projects approved) the ability to “purchase” the support of our County Staff and Officials.

 For these reasons, and many others, CCCD is calling for a full and complete, independent audit of ACED, with all findings made open and available to the public.

 In light of the Adams County Commissioners new push for transparency and “Open Government”, CCCD strongly encourages the Commissioners to support this effort to assist in restoring honesty, integrity, and to further “Open Adams”.


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