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Concerned Citizens for Compatible Development in Unincorporated Southwest Adams County is a grassroots coalition comprised of community members, residents, businesses, and property owners who live, work, play, and have vested interest in Unincorporated Southwest Adams County and who desire to support responsible, intelligent development that is both compatible and sustainable.

Working to protect the rights of the citizens and preserve our ecosystems from over aggressive developers, Concerned Citizens for Compatible Development (CCCD)  will strive to support development that will benefit the broader community while at the same time preserve the unique characteristics of our surrounding neighborhoods, our wildlife, streams, lakes, biking paths, and other valued & unique characteristics of Unincorporated Southwest Adams County.

We hope to increase awareness by providing education and factual information regarding proposals that do not share in the values of respectful and intelligent development, thus jeopardizing the safety and welfare of those within the proposed areas of impact. Through increased awareness we hope to create a greater sense of urgency and personal involvement.

CCCD will strive to provide a clear voice for our constituents to our elected officials as well as all developers who hope to one day lay claim to Unincorporated Southwest Adams County .

We hope  to create a stronger, better community and place for us to live here in Unincorporated Southwest Adams County through intelligent growth and planning; ensuring smart and responsible development that will not negatively impact the many that already call this home.

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